Introducing DUNE TALK! Our Official Dune Podcast

We’re elated to announce our brand-new Dune podcast / talk show! With Dune Talk, an official production of Dune News Net, our dedicated team and special guests will be regularly bringing you in-depth breakdowns of the latest news and reviews, as well as interviews and listener questions—whether it’s about Denis Villeneuve’s movie adaptation or the many books, comics, games, collectibles, and more.

In this inaugural episode, hosts Marcus and Simon are joined by Joseph Tavano and Rodney Johnson—the seasoned podcasters behind the long-running DuneCast podcast—to discuss recent movie news, board game announcements, and ongoing comic series. Also…with more people learning about Dune than ever before, the question is: How do we introduce all the new fans to this beloved saga?

This podcast (67 minutes) is available below in visual and audio formats. Enjoy and spread the word to fellow Dune fans!

Dune Talk: Episode 1 – Delicate Beginnings

Do you prefer to watch talk shows with a full video presentation? Let us know in the comments below. We’re considering several approaches for our future episodes.

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If your preference is audio, Dune Talk is also available on the following podcast services and it’s free to subscribe:

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Show Notes

These are all the news stories covered in the ‘Dune Movie News’ and ‘Duniverse’ segments of this show:

  1. Dune delayed to October 22 in the U.S. Read our analysis: What does the movie’s new release date mean for its success at the box office?
  1. The world premiere of the Dune movie has been confirmed for the Venice Film Festival, on September 3.
  1. Denis Villeneuve announces exclusive IMAX premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.
  1. Gale Force Nine reveals key visual for their new board game based on the Dune movie: Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy.
  1. Portal Games launches website for Dune: House Secrets, a story-driven adventure board game with cooperative game play, in the style of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.
  1. First hardcover volume of Dune: House Atreides comic series is now available in stores.

Questions addressed by the Landsraad High Council on this episode:

  1. How do you introduce Dune and welcome new fans into the community?
  1. What was your first experience with Dune and how has reading Frank Herbert’s books influenced your life?

Do you have a question or suggestion for future episodes of Dune Talk? We want to hear from you! Tweet out to @DuneTalkShow, reply to our Instagram posts @DuneTalkShow, or simply leave your note in the comment section below.


Special guests:

Special thanks goes out to Ashton GIeckman for music and Sheldon Lee for voice overs.