Eight 'Dune' movie and TV soundtracks, released in the past 40 years.

Soundtracks of ‘Dune’ – Collector’s Spotlight

"Well, Gurney, do we come prepared for music when it's fighting time?"

Frank Herbert’s Dune novel has been an inspiration for countless artists and musicians. Hans Zimmer’s awe-inspiring Dune: Part Two soundtrack (released on February 23, 2024) is the most recent album to take listeners on a musical journey across Arrakis, and other worlds of the Imperium. Let’s take a look back at previous soundtracks, released across four decades, that have accompanied Dune movies, TV series, and even a documentary.

Note: While there are also soundtracks for some Dune games, and albums inspired by Dune, those are saved for another time.

Dune (1984) – Original Soundtrack Recording

To coincide with the premiere of David Lynch’s Dune movie on 14 December, 1984, Polydor Records released the original soundtrack on CD, LP, and cassette. With a running time of around 41 minutes, 16 of the 17 tracks were written and produced by Toto, with the track “Prophecy Theme” written and performed by Brian Eno.

David flew me to Los Angeles to see Dune, it wasn’t finished then. And I don’t know whether his intention or his hope was that I would do the whole soundtrack, but I didn’t want to, anyway. It was a huge project, and I just didn’t feel like doing it. But I did feel like making one piece for it, so that’s what I did.

Brian Eno – The New York Times
2Main Title01:21
3Robot Fight01:14
4Leto’s Theme01:45
5The Box02:38
6The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)01:26
7Trip To Arrakis02:36
8First Attack02:48
9Prophecy Theme04:21
10Dune (Desert Theme)05:32
11Paul Meets Chani03:05
12Prelude (Take My Hand)01:01
13Paul Takes the Water of Life02:52
14Big Battle03:08
15Paul Kills Feyd01:52
16Final Dream01:25
17Take My Hand02:38

Dune (1984) – Original Motion Picture Score

On October 14, 1997, nearly 13 years after the film’s premiere, PEG released another CD of the Original Motion Picture Score for Dune, with a running time of around 73 minutes. This version contained 30 tracks, all by Toto, some previously unreleased, and a demo version of the main title. Note that the “Prophecy Theme” by Brian Eno is not included on this release.

The PEG CD would later by re-released in 2001, correcting several production issues that affected the original release, however both CD cases look identical, and the only visual difference being on the CD itself, with the 2001 release having the “Made in USA” text in white, rather than black.

We did all of the music except for a thirty-second part that Brian Eno did. He got all the press. That was an interesting project because it was a legitimate score. It wasn’t a rock-and-roll band going in to try and write a rock-and-roll album. It was a classical score with a little bit of rhythm section.

Steve Lukather, Toto – Westworld
1Prologue/Main Title03:18
2Guild Report *00:55
3House Atreides *01:43
4Paul Atreides02:21
5Robot Fight01:21
6Leto’s Theme01:44
7The Box02:40
8The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)01:16
9Departure *01:14
10The Trip to Arrakis02:37
11Sandworm Attack *02:52
12The Betrayal/Shields Down *04:27
13First Attack02:47
14The Duke’s Death *02:06
15Sandworm Chase *02:38
16The Fremen *03:06
17Secrets Of the Fremen *02:25
18Paul Meets Chani03:06
19Destiny *02:55
20Riding The Sandworm *01:24
21Reunion With Gurney *01:40
22Prelude (Take My Hand)01:02
23Paul Takes the Water of Life02:52
24The Sleeper Has Awakened! *03:24
25Big Battle03:09
26Paul Kills Feyd01:54
27Final Dream01:26
28Dune (Desert Theme)05:33
29Dune Main Title – Demo Version01:23
30Take My Hand02:39
* – Previously unreleased tracks

Frank Herbert’s Dune – Original Television Soundtrack

Released April 2001, around four months after the TV mini-series premiered, this single CD release contains 27 tracks by Graeme Revell. The soundtrack’s total running time is around 67 minutes and it contains music from all three episodes of the series.

Dune was an interesting opportunity to try and take something that’s a classic and make something spiritual out of it. That’s where my head was aimed at. I wasn’t thinking so much in terms of the action, which is reasonably straightforward. I was really focused on the spiritual aspect.

Graeme Revell, composer – Soundtrack Magazine
Part 1
1Main Theme01:55
2Navigator Advises01:30
3Pain Box02:59
4Worm Sign / Escape the Worm04:17
6Up The Ladder / Battle01:22
Part 2
7Desert Trek01:44
8Outrun Worm02:22
9Travel With Fremen01:21
10Reclaim Jamis Water / Worm Riding04:47
11Fremen Village02:47
12Underground Lake Vision02:14
13Paul & Chani02:18
14Chani & Paul’s Love02:07
15Worm Bark02:26
17Seduction Pt.204:12
18Jessica Changes Water01:41
19Desert Love01:28
Part 3
20Paul’s Vision01:41
21Conquering The Worm02:51
22Paul Drinks02:49
23Paul Reigns03:37
24The Killing of the Innocent02:22
25Baron Harkonnen Dies02:01
26Jihad Begins / Last Fight02:57
27Paul Chooses – Finale03:25

Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune – Original Television Soundtrack

Released March 18, 2003, on the day the final episode in the second mini-series aired, this CD by Brian Tyler contains 36 tracks and has a running time of around 77 minutes. This is a greatly under-appreciated soundtrack and it was later used in many blockbuster trailers, including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) and Star Trek (2009).

The standout track is Inama Nushif, which contains lyrics in Fremen (based on an entry in the Dune Encyclopedia), sung by Azam Ali.

Greg Yaitanes the director called me and said, hey Brian, we’re making this big six-hour sci-fi movie in three parts based on Children of Dune and Dune Messiah, would you be interested? And I’m thinking – am I being pranked? What ended up happening, was that I used those scores I wrote when I was 12, in those melodies for the Children of Dune score, which is a fan favorite, it’s actually how I met Steven Spielberg… because he loved that score and used it for the trailer of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Between 2003 and 2015, that score ended up being the most used music in trailers.

Brian Tyler, composer – Mixdown

Read the full interview at: MixDown.

1Summon the Worm03:49
2Dune Messiah02:40
3Main Title (House Atreides)01:36
4The Revolution02:01
5Fear is the Mind Killer02:44
6The Arrival of Lady Jessica03:08
7Leto Atreides II02:45
8Inama Nushif (Montage)03:51
9War Begins01:08
10Battle of Naraj03:15
11Rya Wolves01:33
12I Have Only Now03:12
13The Impossible Wager03:00
14Face Dancer01:02
15The Throne of Alia01:20
16Trap The Worm03:03
17Salusas Secundus01:04
18The Jihad02:02
19The Ring of Paul03:50
21Sins of the Mother01:24
22Irulan Is Regret01:11
23My Skin Is Not My Own00:23
25The Golden Path02:09
26Child Emperor01:18
27Sign of the Bene Gesserit02:08
28The Preacher at Arrakeen02:32
29The Dessert Journey01:35
30The Ghola Duncan01:37
31Leto And Ghanima01:16
32The Fremen Qizarate01:42
34Children Of Dune01:16
36End Title01:31

Jodorowsky’s Dune – Original Score

Released in November 2015 on digital, CD, and 2-LP set, this 30-track album by Kurt Stenzel is from the documentary by Frank Pavich on the greatest movie never made – Jodorowsky’s Dune.

I also played guitar and did vocals, some chanting… and some screaming, which comes naturally to me. Jodo’s voice is actually the soundtrack’s main musical instrument – listening to him was almost like hypnosis, like going to the guru every night.

Kurt Stenzel, composer – Album’s liner notes
1Coming of a God05:28
2Greatest Movie Never Made01:01
3Parallel World01:42
4Parallel World (outro)01:04
5Leap of Faith00:43
6Time and Space02:04
7Optical World02:56
10Point of View02:36
13Millions of Stars00:21
14Into the Galaxy01:27
15O’Bannon Meets Jodo01:19
16Finding the Others00:58
17Spiritual Warriors01:37
18Conception of Paul02:01
19Ships With Souls01:51
20The Pirate Spaceship05:24
21Rescue From a Sandworm02:36
22Mad Emperor00:23
23Burning Giraffes01:42
24Baron Harkonnen00:34
25Giger’s Theme01:06
26Deepest Darkness of the Soul01:15
27Feyd Rautha04:18
28Total Extermination02:27
29I Am Dune06:01

The Dune Sketchbook

Released September 3, 2021, the same date that Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part One premiered at the Venice Film Festival, this 2 CD set contains over 100 minutes of music that expands on the themes developed for the movie.

I tried to let them all be part of one DNA so their rhythm could be absolutely perfect, which meant getting out the digital razor blades and lining everything up like crazy. Part of what makes all of this so much fun is the misuse of acoustic instruments. Curiously, the rhythm of the drums and the percussion keeps appearing as organized chaos [throughout the score]. I tried to think of something that maybe in 10,000 years you would think of it as a good groove, but right now you’d just hear it as a little iconic motif played by percussion, like weird code.

Hans Zimmer on “Song of the Sisters” – IndieWire
Disc 1  
1Song of the Sisters16:25
2I See You in My Dreams18:25
3House Atreides13:54
4The Shortening of the Way11:14
Disc 2
1Paul’s Dream07:03
2Moon Over Caladan08:34
4Mind Killer11:11
5Grains of Sand05:12

Available as MP3, CD, and Vinyl from Amazon.com

Listening options: https://lnk.to/DuneSketchbookID

Listen for free on YouTube:

Dune (2021) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Released September 17, 2021, around the time of the movie’s release in many parts of Europe, Han Zimmer’s 22-track score has a running time of about 74 minutes.

I want the audience to come with us on this journey, to this planet, and to this world which seems huge and vast – unfathomable, and at the same time realize that it is all about the smallest and tiniest emotions, just like the desert is made up of grains of sand, and the music is just made up of grains of notes. So rather than it being a massive blanket of sound, this is different, this is moving emotion.

Hans Zimmer – Dune: Celestial Sounds Featurette
1Dream of Arrakis03:08
2Herald of the Change05:01
3Bene Gesserit03:54
4Gom Jabbar02:00
5The One02:30
6Leaving Caladan01:55
8Ripples in the Sand05:14
9Visions of Chani04:27
10Night on Arrakis05:03
12Burning Palms04:04
14Blood for Blood02:29
15The Fall02:32
16Holy War04:20
22My Road Leads into the Desert03:52

Available as MP3, CD, and Vinyl from Amazon.com

Listening options: https://lnk.to/duneID

Listen for free on YouTube:

The Art and Soul of Dune

Released October 22, 2021, this album is designed as a companion piece to the Dune behind-the-scenes book of the same name (released on the same day). It is only nine tracks long, each track corresponding to a chapter in the book, however the total running time is over 103 minutes.

Originally announced as being available to download for free, it later turned out that it was only available to stream for free, with paid downloads from Amazon and Apple.

I sent the book to Hans [Zimmer], he read it and he said ‘Tanya, I have music for your readers

Tanya Lapointe, executive producer – The Art and Soul of Dune Featurette
2This is Only the Beginning14:25
4Giedi Prime08:04
5Salusa Secundus04:11
7The Attack09:30
8Deep Desert15:13

Listening options: https://lnk.to/ArtandSoulofDuneMusic

Listen for free on YouTube:

Music of Dune (For Your Consideration)

Dune: Part One (2021) was nominated for 10 Oscars, and won 6, including for “Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score)”. As part of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Oscar nomination campaign, they released over 88 minutes of the score from the movie across 30 tracks. While not officially available to buy you may see bootleg CDs on eBay containing these tracks – buyer beware.

He created new instruments, a new musical language. All the score is inspired by the sound of the wind, and the sound of the wind on the sand, and the rhythm … because the rhythm attracts the worm.

Denis Villeneuve on Hans Zimmer – Dune: A New Soundscape Featurette

Note: For the numbering of the tracks, the first number represents the reel, the “M” stands for music, and the following number is the cue number.

1m02bHerald of the Change03:14
1m04Paul Tells Duncan His Dream02:33
2m10Bene Gesserit Arrive03:44
2m11Gom Jabbar02:03
2m12Bene Gesserit Leave02:01
2m13aPaul and Jessica01:46
2m14Leaving Caladan01:57
3m20Sandwalk Video01:29
4m27Flight to Spice Field02:09
4m28-29Failed Harvester Lock05:47
4m30Visions of Chani04:30
5m32-35Night on Arrakis05:12
5m36-37Harkonnen Attack02:41
5m40-41Burning Palms – Duncan Kicks Ass04:08
6m43Burning City (Stranded)01:04
6m44Broken Tooth02:27
6m46Holy War Across the Universe04:10
6m48A Place to Hide01:50
7m50-51Duncan’s Sacrifice03:41
7m52-54Escape in Ornithopter03:09
7m55Chase into Dust Storm00:55
7m55bDust Vision01:16
7m57Kill Them00:54
8m63-64Run – Shai Hulud02:42
8m69My Road Leads into the Desert03:57
9m70End Credits Dream07:03