Super7 Dune Reaction Figures, Wave 1. Available now.

Super7 Releases Vintage ‘Dune’ ReAction Figures

Set of five new action figures, hearken back to the 'Dune' movie and toys of the 1980s.

Everyone is introduced to the world of Dune at different times in their lives. For me that introduction came in early childhood, all due to the amazing action figures that were released back in 1984 by LJN. I remember playing with those toys for hours and hours—I was lucky enough to own a few extra Sardaukar Warriors.

So when I saw today’s news that Super7 is releasing figures based on David Lynch’s Dune movie (1984), as part of their ReAction Figures line, my excitement was real. Even now as a 44-year-old grown man, I told myself that I had to buy them. I’m known to buy a lot of action figures—more than I would like to admit sometimes—but there’s just something magical about these ReAction Figures… and they’re available to order now.

'Dune ReAction Figures' group photo of Wave 1. Availble now from Super 7.
Dune ReAction Figures Wave 1, by Super7: Sardaukar Warrior, Paul Muad’Dib, Paul Atreides, Stilgar, and Baron Harkonnen.

They’re not oversized, but rather 3.75 inches tall. That’s pretty much the same size as old Star Wars action figures or even G.I. Joe’s. Their clean simple design evokes that same feel as the classic figures, that a lot of us who grew up in the 80s played with. They look like a perfect combination of the 1984 film, directed by David Lynch, and nostalgia of playing with action figures.

The original Dune action figures in 1984 were a little bit bigger. Not as big as a 6-inch Marvel Legend or Star Wars black series figure, but somewhere in the middle. Speaking of those originals, that very first wave included: Baron Harkonnen, Stilgar, Paul Atreides, Feyd-Rautha, Rabban, and Sardaukar Warrior.

Original 'Dune' 1984 action figures, from LJN.
For comparison: The six original Dune action figures, released in 1984 by LJN.

There were also several planned figures that never saw release back then, however some prototypes of Lady Jessica and Gurney Halleck are in circulation. What’s interesting is that the first wave of Super7’s new ReAction line includes many of the same figures, such as as Paul Atreides, Baron Harkonnen, Stilgar, and the Sardaukar Warrior. Oddly enough there’s no sign of Feyd or Rabban, however we’re getting one all-new figure: a “Muad’Dib” version of Paul.

Paul Atreides Muad'Dib figure from Super7's 'Dune ReAction Figures' Wave 1.

That makes me imagine that are we going to get the two “missing” characters from the original 1984 line—Jessica and Gurney—and perhaps a Fremen Warrior, in Super7’s next wave of Dune action figures. And of course, Gurney has to come with a battle pug. The original Feyd figure came with a cat, so why not? I’d also love to see them introduce more characters such as Chani, Thufir Hawat, Duke Leto, and Piter De Vries. As I’m writing this article there is no official news regarding the second wave.

The packaging of these new action figures is a bit different than the original from LJN. It does have has a 1980s vibe to it, with glowing eyes and stylistic silhouettes of our main characters. And yes, I am beyond excited about adding these to my collection of Dune toys. And if you were curious, yes I do open my toys and take them out of the packaging. Like I said, I’m still a kid at heart and somehow, thanks to Super7, some of my favorite childhood memories have resurfaced. So I guess you can say that the sleeper has awakened.

Here’s the official product description of the new action figures:

Super7’s new lineup of Dune ReAction Figures is based on the vintage toys from the 1984 motion picture and will take you both back in time to the ‘80’s and into the far distant future of Arrakis! Including two versions of Paul Atreides, Baron Harkonnen, Stilgar, and the Sardaukar Warrior, don’t let your chance to acquire Dune ReAction Wave 1 disappear like so many victims of Shai-Hulud!

These figures are available to order via the Super7 website. They cost $20 each and are also available as a set, with all five.

My action figures are ordered and I’m planning to do an unboxing and review. So, make sure to come back to Dune News Net and check out our podcast Dune Talk, where I’ll be talking about them with the rest of the crew.

How do you feel about these new action figures? Do the 1984 Dune toys hold a special place in your heart? Let us know. And yes, I do still have all of the original figures in my collection.