Behind-the-scenes photo of 'Dune: Part Two's leading actors, from special features of the home video release.

‘Dune: Part Two’ Special Features Offer New Insights

Over 100 minutes of behind-the-scenes extras have been released for Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune: Part Two' movie - what are they and where can you watch them?

There are a total of 16 digital special features now available through some streaming services, though only eight of those will be physically present on the Blu-ray discs of Dune: Part Two‘s home video release. Several of these movie extras can be watched for free however, on various websites, as detailed below.

Note: For anyone living in the United States, if you have purchased Dune: Part Two on a digital store that doesn’t offer all the bonus features (such as Amazon Prime), then connecting your account to Movies Anywhere does unlock full extras on latter service.

Extras Available on Streaming

Filmbooks: House Corrino (1:28)
Who are they, where are they from, how did they gain power?

Note: “Filmbooks: House Corrino” can be watched for free on YouTube here:

Filmbooks: The Reverend Mother (2:05)
What is the role of the Reverend Mother in a society, who does the role go to, how do they come into power?

Note: “Filmbooks: The Reverend Mother” can be watched for free on YouTube here:

Filmbooks: Water (1:42)
What is the importance of water on Arrakis, how does it hold religious reverence, how are the Fremen trying to bring it back?

Note: “Filmbooks: Water” can be watched for free on YouTube here:

Filmbooks: Lisan al-Gaib (1:31)
What is the Lisan al-Gaib and how will he help the people, how does the older generation of Fremen hold a different religious view than the younger generation?

An Ensemble for the Ages (21:51)
Reunite with actors as they discuss their character’s arc and how new faces are woven into the story of Dune. Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Austin Butler and more open up about the process to explore themselves in the sands of Arrakis.

Note: “An Ensemble for the Ages” is available to stream for free in the U.S. on Amazon Prime or on YouTube here:

Inside Dune: The Spice Harvester Attack (5:38)
Paul and Chani, along with their Fedaykin, take on the Harkonnen spice harvester in this epic action sequence. Hear from cast and crew on the practicality of shooting this scene in the desert, along with the handoff to the visual effects team.

Inside Dune: Gurney Halleck’s Revenge (3:23)
This is the moment audiences have waited for: Gurney Halleck versus Beast Rabban. Hear from Josh Brolin and Dave Bautista about what it was like to face off in this much anticipated scene.

Inside Dune: The Fight for the Imperial Throne (5:07)
In the climax of the film, Paul confronts the Padishah Emperor, fights the ultimate battle with Feyd-Rautha, and accepts his fate as the Muad’Dib.

Extras Available on Both Streaming and Blu-ray

Creating the Fremen World (11:39)
Follow Academy Award-winning production designer Patrice Vermette on a tour of the jaw-dropping sets making up the world of Arrakis. Step into Sietch Tabr, the Cistern of Souls, the Cave of Birds, and more for an intimate up-close view of the sets.

Finding the Worlds of Dune (6:22)
The task of finding otherworldly locations here on Earth were a welcome job for the filmmakers of Dune. Cast and crew reveal what it was like shooting on location, the magic these landscapes bring, and the joys and challenges of being in the desert.

Note: “Finding the Worlds of Dune” can be watched for free on YouTube here:

Worm-riding (9:21)
One of the seminal moments of the film is when Paul lands his maker hooks and takes off on Shai Hulud. Take an in-depth look at worm-riding by joining the “worm unit” on set as they scale 40+ foot tall gimbals as sand blasts in their face.

Note: Part of “Worm-riding” can be watched for free on Entertainment Weekly.

Becoming Feyd (7:31)
Actor Austin Butler accepted the challenge to inhabit one of the most twisted characters in the Dune universe. From fight training, to learning knife skills, and undergoing an extreme physical transformation, Butler mastered the villain Feyd-Rautha.

Note: A short clip of “Becoming Feyd” can be watched for free on People.

A New Set of Threads (7:38)
Tour the costume shop with Academy Award nominated Jacqueline West as she navigates inspiration, materials, and construction of a wardrobe meant for a universe.

Deeper into the Desert: The Sounds of the Dune (12:57)
Composer Hans Zimmer, along with his trusted team of musicians, sound designers and re-recording mixers talk about the evolution of sound for Dune: Part Two and what new instruments, themes, and moments were created for the film.

Note: “Deeper into the Desert: The Sounds of the Dune” can be watched for free on Apple TV or on YouTube here:

Chakobsa Training (4:49)
A team of linguists brought life to the Fremen language of Chakobsa and worked with talent to perfect their lines. Here, the cast reflect on the challenges of learning a new language and what words or phrases rolled off the tongue easiest.

Buzz Around the New ‘Thopter (3:49)
Resembling the body of a bumble bee, Beast Rabban’s thopter takes on a sinister profile in the film. Cast and crew explain how this machine differs from the Ornithopter, and what customizations were designed to service an Harkonnen state of mind.

Note: “Buzz Around the New ‘Thopter” can be watched for free on YouTube here: