Shigawire Reels Series Explores ‘Dune: Awakening’ Setting

New clips expand on the elements showcased in last year's teaser trailer for the 'Dune' MMO game.

While open beta timelines for Dune: Awakening remain unknown, game developer Funcom hasn’t stayed quiet. This year they’ve continued to release promotional content for the upcoming open world survival MMO, including a new series of short video clips (30-50 seconds).

Each of these eight Shigawire Reels—named after the in-universe metallic material used as a recording medium—zooms into different features and visuals from the Dune: Awakening pre-alpha teaser trailer. Watch them all below, for further insights into survival on the harsh world of Arrakis.

Desert Survival

It’s any explorer’s worst nightmare; an ornithopter crash-landing in the deep desert, leaving them at the mercy of sandstorms and other perils. This scenario will make you regret opting for an inferior offworld stillsuit.

Construction and Vehicles

Dune: Awakening will allow players to build their own unique structures—fitted together from different components—and pilot vehicles, such as groundcars of varying sizes.

Night and Day

When it comes to timing your travels on Arrakis, one would do well to heed the teachings of the Fremen natives.


Villages, such as Windsack, will offer you the opportunity to replenish supplies and obtain tech required for endeavors. Make sure to bring plenty of solaris or items of value to trade.

Points of Interest

Players may uncover abandoned stations and mysterious caves as they explore the landscapes of Arrakis in Dune: Awakening.

Two Moons

The tenacious desert mouse, known as Muad’Dib by the Fremen, colloquially shares its name with planet’s second moon.


The ubiquitous ornithopters serve a wide range of functions on Arrakis, whether that’s scouting for spice, transporting other vehicles, or engaging in aerial combat.

Armed Conflicts

In addition to ornithopters, armored ground vehicles and infantry play a key role in combat. Those on the sands do have to remain ever vigilant for sandworms however.