DUNE TALK: Is ‘Dune Messiah’ Required Reading?

Plus, 'Sisterhood of Dune' TV series rumors and a roundup of all the major news from April 2022.

We have a packed show for you this week! Dune Talk regulars are joined by Caleb Pauls, from the Reading Dune podcast, to discuss the importance of what comes after Dune… Yes, Dune Messiah—second book in Frank Herbert’s original saga. While it’s also the shortest of his six novels, the events and philosophies explored within have far-reaching ramifications.

And of course, there’s plenty of Dune news to cover this week: Production begins on the Dune: Part Two movie, preview is out for the upcoming Dune: The Waters of Kanly comic book, and Dune: Spice Wars—new 4X RTS video game—has just been released. Garin, Johnny, Marcus, Simon, and their special guest also dive into recent rumors regarding the upcoming Dune TV series. Mindkiller?

This podcast (71 minutes) is available below in both video and audio formats. Enjoy and spread the word to fellow Dune fans!

Dune Talk: Episode 32 – Dune Messiah Talk

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Show Notes

Dune news stories covered on this show:

  1. Pre-production has commenced on Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two movie and, according to Production Weekly, filming is expected start in Hungary on July 18, 2022.
  1. While promoting his new Prime Video show in various interviews, Josh Brolin confirms he’s in Dune: Part Two. The actor also admits that Javier Bardem (playing Stilgar) and himself, are going to have to train hard to get in shape for their roles.
  1. Dune TV series rumors: News outlet Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that the upcoming Bene Gesserit show on HBO Max will be titled Sisterhood of Dune: Mindkiller (instead of Dune: The Sisterhood). Allegedly no actors have been cast so far, however the studio has a clear vision for its predominantly female roles. Neither this new title or following description of the show, have been verified.

[Our source says] the story will follow this group [of women] within the Bene Gesserit in the aftermath of a massive war in the galaxy that’s destroyed much of the structure. Additionally, while the series will have the Bene Gesserit as the primary focus, others in the cast will include an Empress, a brother and sister tandem in their early 20s, someone who fits a space pirate archetype, and then the primary villain. 

Doug Norrie, writing for Giant Freakin Robot
  1. BOOM! Studios has released preview pages for Dune: The Waters of Kanly #1. The new comic book mini-series (four issues) begins on May 4, 2022 and tells story of Gurney Halleck during the years
  1. The first Dune video game to be released in over 20 years, has entered Early Access on Steam as of April 26, 2022 and costs $29.99. Check out our first impressions of Dune: Spice Wars, a new 4X real-time strategy game from Funcom and Shiro Games.

Thanks to our special guest Caleb Pauls, from Reading Dune (@ReadingDune), for joining us this episode to discuss Dune Messiah and the latest news. As mentioned, Evan Dias and himself are currently reading this book chapter by chapter on their YouTube channel. They’re also available as on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, among other services. More information about their podcast can be found on the Reading Dune website.

On this episode:

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