The Dune Podcast: ‘Dune’ Movie Impressions and Artistic Inspirations

The “Spicesifters” may have been on hiatus for awhile, however now it’s time… for a special podcast episode to discuss their impressions of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part One. The team discusses the movie’s cultural resonance, symbolism, favorite scenes, and more insights from recent crew interviews. We also explore some beautiful artwork, and creative processes behind those, inspired by the film’s rich visuals.

Oil pencil sketch of Lady Jessica (portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson in the Dune Movie), by Citlali Halfar.
Lady Jessica. Art by Citlali Halfar

The Dune Podcast is one of our sister podcasts, that illustrates how this enduring story is impacting fans all around the world—episodes regularly feature representation from three or more continents. The host Albert, based in Australia, is accompanied by Julia (Twin Peaks Cafe) in Poland, Mark (DuneInfo) from the U.K., and Marcus (representing Dune News Net) in the U.S. They’re joined by special guest Citlali (@thegirlhasnoname4art), artist from Germany, who showcases her stunning oil pencil sketches.

Enjoy this podcast (37 minutes) in video or audio—both formats are available below.

The Dune Podcast: Episode 8 – A Path Has Been Laid

Previous full video episodes can be found on The Dune Podcast YouTube channel. If you prefer to listen, look for The Dune Podcast on or Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other services.

If you haven’t already, also check out the ongoing Dune movie review sub-series on our official Dune News Net show, Dune Talk. We started with overall reactions and are currently doing an in-depth scene-by-scene breakdown of the film:

About The Dune Podcast

The Dune Podcast launched July 2020, with a first episode exploring the Arabic origins of Dune and expectations for the upcoming movie adaptation, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The regular hosts are Albert Chessa (@albertchessa), who produces the show, and Emilio Rodríguez (@emiliorubenrodriguez). They’ve been joined by a diverse set of guests, hailing from all over the globe, who share a common love of Dune. There isn’t a fixed recording schedule at the moment, however there’s certainly more to come!

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