DUNE TALK: ‘Dune’ Movie Review, Episode 4 – Paul’s Awakening

This week on Dune Talk, we proceed deeper into our scene-by-scene movie review of Dune: Part One. The show picks up from the 50th minute, as Paul Atreides walks into his first strategy meeting. Gurney Halleck doesn’t miss that opportunity to lighten the mood, by embellishing on the Ducal heir’s recent encounter with the hunter seeker.

Beyond establishing the precarious situation on Arrakis and introducing us to Fremen leaders, this passage features Paul’s first steps on the planet’s deep desert and its pervasive spice melange—causing something to awaken deep inside. Lastly we’re introduced to a fourth world Salusa Secundus, home of the dreaded Sardaukar legions. As we examine all the fine details of movie, our discussion contains spoilers.

This podcast (67 minutes) is available below in both video and audio formats. Enjoy and spread the word to fellow Dune fans! In case you missed earlier episodes in this sub-series, see links in show notes (below).

Dune Talk: Episode 21 – Movie Review #4, Spice Awakening

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Show Notes

We’re analyzing the Dune movie scene-by-scene from the 50th to 74th minute, up to the introduction of the Sardaukar on Salusa Secundus. For previous parts of this review, click on following links:

News stories covered in the ‘Dune Movie News’ segment of today’s show:

Dune: Part One continues to attract moviegoers, both domestically and overseas, with strong holds. As of November 7, the movie had crossed $330 million worldwide.

On this episode:

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