Chalamet and Zendaya Answer Fans’ Dune Questions

“Dune Week” has arrived! In a matter of days the long-awaited 2021 movie will be premiering in theaters throughout 36 countries, including all of North and South America. Ever since the main trailer dropped back in July, we’ve seen a constant wave of exciting visual and audio content being released. Well, you better believe that’s not going to be slowing down, at all, this week.

On Monday, director Denis Villeneuve and the star-studded cast of Dune gathered in London for a special screening of the movie. The preceding red carpet event was live streamed via TikTok. Meanwhile there were takeovers on official accounts of both Instagram and Twitter Movies—the latter including a Q and A, featuring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

Q and A: Paul Atreides and Chani

If you were following all of the coverage leading up to the world premiere of Dune at the Venice Film Festival, you may recall that the official Twitter Movies account had asked fans to submit their questions for the film’s cast. It turns out that seven of those questions were answered by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, while they were in Venice.

Q: Which of Paul Atreides outfits was Chalamet’s favorite?

Q: Which character, aside from your own, would you like to play?

Q: How would you describe the character of Paul Atreides, in three words?

Q: How would you describe Dune, if you could only use three words?

Q: For Timothée Chalamet; what has been your greatest learning from participating in this project?

Q: What will surprise audiences about Dune?

Q: What is Zendaya’s favorite aspect of Chani, as a character, that we’ll get to see in this movie? What is she is most excited to explore in future films?

The Power of Dreams

The young actors also appeared in today’s story on the official Instagram account, answering questions about their dreams. Although those were mainly lighthearted, in the post Zendaya had some thoughts about Dune and how her character, Chani, has been an inspiration in her own life:

I love Chani’s sense of respect for the planet that she lives on and the idea of living in harmony with all the things that exist. I hope to do better with that in my own personal life and to care a little bit more for the world that I am lucky to live in.⁣

Chalamet likewise affirmed how thankful he is, just to be living in this world:

The thing I’m most grateful for in life right now is the breath I’m breathing right this moment. We’re only here so long. Just continue to lead with gratitude and with love.

Stay tuned for more Dune movie coverage, as this week continues.