Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac Discuss Family in Dune

Following yesterday’s Q and A with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, the Twitter Movies account has posted another round of short clips featuring Dune‘s cast members. In today’s feature, Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson take their turns to address tweets from their fans.

These seven questions—submitted by Twitter users before the movie’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival—cover the actors’ approach to playing their respective characters in Dune: Part One: Duke Leto, ruler of House Atreides, and his partner Lady Jessica, mother of the Ducal heir and member of the powerful Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. They also discuss their family dynamic and the film’s amazing costumes.

Q and A: Lady Jessica and Duke Leto

Q: For Oscar Isaac: I know you’re a huge fan of Dune. Is there any other character from the books you’d have been interested in playing, other than Duke Leto?

Q: Those costumes look amazing! What were your first impressions of them and were they hard to wear?

Q: How did Timothée Chalamet and yourselves approach the process of building that family dynamic—between Duke Leto, Lady Jessica, and their son Paul—onscreen?

Q: Who, or what, are you most excited for the fans to see in Dune?

Q: For Rebecca Ferguson: What is your favorite part of Lady Jessica, that we will to see in this movie?

Q: For Rebecca Ferguson: How did being a mother in your personal life influence your approach to Lady Jessica, and her desire to protect Paul and her family with her life?

Q: For both of you: What are some of the qualities that your characters have, that you can relate to the most?

Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage, as “Dune Week” continues.