Director Offers Advice on Working With Sandworms

Continuing their “Dune Week” series, today the official Twitter Movies account posted a Q and A session with Denis Villeneuve himself. The director tackles eight questions from the fans; addressing his greatest challenges during filming of Dune: Part One, approach to translating Frank Herbert’s original book into this visual medium, and his personal experience in working with the enormous sandworms of Arrakis.

Enjoy Villeneuve’s candid and enthusiastic responses below (allow a few moments for answers to load).

Q and A With Dune‘s Director

How did you hire a sandworm to act? I mean, was it trained?

For Denis Villeneuve: What was the most challenging aspect of this film, for you?

To Villeneuve: What the scene that you read as a kid that excited you the most as a filmmaker to translate to the big screen?

For Villeneuve: Who was the first person to see the final cut of the movie?

Who or what are you most excited for the fans to see?

To Villeneuve: Which aspect of making Dune: Part One turned out to be more challenging or difficult than initially you thought? What aspects of the movie were easier than you expected?

Are there any parts from the book that you loved, however decided to remove or reduce; because they wouldn’t have the same effect within the medium of a movie?

When filming Dune, what was your greatest take away from the experience of finally being able to bring this story to life?

The previous Q and A with Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson was posted yesterday. And, in case you missed it, there was also similar feature on Monday where Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya answered more fan questions.