DUNE TALK: Reactions to Dune Movie Main Trailer

Join us on this special Dune Talk show for an in-depth shot by shot breakdown of the new Dune Official Main Trailer, as we seek to uncover new insights into Villeneuve’s 2021 movie. Johnny, Marcus, Mark, and Simon have already seen the newly released trailer countless times—including one unparalleled viewing on an IMAX screen—and they all have so many thoughts about its exciting reveals.

Dune Talk is an official production of Dune News Net, where we bring you all the latest news and reviews about the movie, TV show, books, comics, or games. This extended episode, however, is all about the Dune movie’s incredible second trailer and we’re going into the details, so there are a few potential spoilers in relation to the first book.

This podcast (1 hour and 52 minutes) is available below in both video and audio formats. Also, check further down for details on this episode’s giveaway. Enjoy and spread the word to fellow Dune fans!

Dune Talk: Episode 3 – Trailer Reactions

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Show Notes

This special edition of Dune Talk is entirely dedicated to analyzing the new trailer. Following its debut during the July 21 IMAX event, that we covered on the previous Dune Talk show, the second Dune movie trailer was released online July 22 and made waves, including hitting the number one trending topic on Twitter.

There’s plenty of action and spectacular visuals to admire, however these three and a half minutes also tell a cohesive tale about the desert planet Arrakis and its indigenous people, the Fremen. Read our first thoughts.

On this episode:

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Special thanks goes out to Ashton GIeckman for music and Sheldon Lee for voice overs.