The Dune Podcast: Impromptu Trailer Reaction

Although the “Spicesifters” were only due to return in August—for their ongoing long-form Dune movie analysis series—there was no way any of them would miss the opportunity to react to the breathtaking second trailer. This impromptu-recorded seventh episode features excited reactions, a laid-back discussion around how “this film will change the face of cinema”, and even some breaking news about the Dune: The Sisterhood TV show.

The Dune Podcast is one of our sister podcasts, that truly captures diversity of the international Dune fan community. Hosts Albert and Emilio—based in Australia and Argentina respectively—lead eclectic discussions around Dune, including ample tangents into adjacent topics. They’re regularly joined by Mark (DuneInfo) from the U.K. and Marcus (representing Dune News Net) in the U.S. First appearances are Julia (Twin Peaks Cafe) and Zinnia, respectively hailing from Poland and Italy.

Enjoy this podcast (68 minutes) in video or audio—both formats are available below. Note that, due to (justifiably) unbridled enthusiasm, this episode does include copious volumes of swearing.

The Dune Podcast: Episode 7 – The Hype-Love Is Real

Previous full video episodes can be found on The Dune Podcast YouTube channel. If you prefer to listen, look for The Dune Podcast on or Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other services.

If you haven’t already, also check out the in-depth shot by shot breakdown of the Dune official main trailer on our official Dune News Net show, Dune Talk.

About The Dune Podcast

The Dune Podcast launched July 2020, with a first episode exploring the Arabic origins of Dune and expectations for the upcoming movie adaptation, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The regular hosts are Albert Chessa (@albertchessa), who produces the show, and Emilio Rodríguez (@emiliorubenrodriguez). They’ve been joined by a diverse set of guests, hailing from all over the globe, who share a common love of Dune. The team will be recording new episodes at a bi-weekly cadence, in the lead-up to the movie’s release.

This show is part of Albert Chessa’s wider network of podcasts. The Australian artist, media producer, and storyteller talks about a variety of topics—including science-fiction and fantasy, movies, music, anime, gaming, and more. You can access the consolidated feed at The Albert Chessa Podcast on and learn more about his work on