International Dune Trailers Reveal New Footage

Fremen warriors on the surface of Caladan, from Paul's visions of the future, in Dune: Part One (2021).

Between the Dune main trailer, a wave of TV spots—including a curious mash-up with the Tokyo Olympic Games—and recently released sets of character teasers, the past five weeks have brought us a spate of previously unreleased footage from the 2021 movie. If this week’s international trailers are anything to go by, there’s even more to be unveiled ahead of the premieres.

On Monday, Warner Bros. Japan released an action-packed trailer (1.5 minutes). Watch here and read commentary on the new visuals below.

Views of the Guild heighliners in orbit offer a sense of their massive scale—even the largest of ships carried within look like specks in comparison. That’s even more impressive when seeing those latter ships on the ground, towering above large formations of people. We see another iconic shot of Paul Atreides, in ceremonial dress, looking up at the Imperium ship arriving on Caladan (scene from the first 10 minutes shown during the IMAX event). Finally, there’s a first glimpse of what appears to be Giedi Prime, homeworld of House Harkonnen.

Then on Tuesday, the Norwegian distributor released several shorter promos ahead of the movie’s fast-approaching release:

Paul watches an Atreides flagship rise from under the Caladan seas, a striking visual that was also highlighted in preview pages from The Art and Soul of Dune book. The most exciting reveal, however, is the still image (0:19) of armored Fremen warriors on that planet’s surface. This confirms that we’re seeing a future vision, potentially of Chani and himself arriving together on the ocean world.

It’s blink and you’ll miss it in this shorter promo, however at three seconds we see a key scene where Liet Kynes is in a threatening situation.

This last video opens with Paul walking along the crags of Caladan to meet his father, Duke Leto. As also shown in the other trailers, they have a heart-to-heart talk next to the grave of Paulus Atreides, former ruler of House Atreides.

Norway will be one of the first countries—together with Belgium, France, and Luxembourg—that get to watch Dune: Part One, when it begins its staggered theatrical release schedule, on September 15. The movie will premiere in Japan exactly one month later, on October 15.

Sources: Warner Bros. Japan YouTube channel (August 23, 2021), SF STUDIOS Norge YouTube channel (August 24, 2021)