Podcast – The Dune Podcast: Trailer Analysis 3

In the lead-up to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movie, we continue “Sifting the Spice” on The Dune Podcast, exploring visuals and themes presented in the debut trailer. The hosts, Albert Chessa and Emilio Rodríguez, are joined both by Mark from DuneInfo and myself representing Dune News Net, for in-depth discussion of the anticipated 2021 movie and related topics.

This month’s new episode breaks down every shot from the trailer’s 1:00 to 1:30 minute mark, taking us from Caladan, the peaceful homeworld that House Atreides are leaving behind, to arrival on Arrakis and first appearance of the Harkonnens. We cover Oscar Isaac in his role as Duke Leto, exterior and interior designs of Castle Caladan, Rebecca Ferguson’s portrayal of Lady Jessica, the Sardaukar warriors, and more.

Enjoy this podcast (104 minutes) in video or audio. Both options below:

The Dune Podcast: Episode 5 – All That’s to Come

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About The Dune Podcast

The Dune Podcast launched July 2020, with a first episode exploring the Arabic origins of Dune and expectations for the upcoming movie adaptation, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The regular hosts are Albert Chessa (@albertchessa), who produces the show, and Emilio Rodríguez (@emiliorubenrodriguez). They’ve been joined by a diverse set of guests, hailing from all over the globe, who share a common love of Dune. In the lead-up to the movie’s release, new episodes are being recorded at a monthly cadence.

This show is part of Albert Chessa’s wider network of podcasts. The Australian artist, media producer, and storyteller talks about a variety of topics—including science-fiction and fantasy, movies, music, anime, gaming, and more. You can access the consolidated feed at The Albert Chessa Podcast on Anchor.fm and learn more about his work on albertchessa.com.