Zendaya Interview Confirms Dune Trailer in Circulation

InStyle: Photograph by AB+DM for The Only Agency

A trailer for Dune (2020) has been seen by members of the cast and is starting to be disclosed to the media, as mentioned in InStyle’s September feature on Zendaya. During the interview Zendaya expressed her enthusiasm about the upcoming movie and also shared that she played “a small part” in it.

[Patrisse Cullors]: I’m also excited about your upcoming film Dune. I just saw the trailer, and you look fierce.

[Zendaya]: Dune was incredible. I wasn’t in it very much, so when I was watching the trailer, I was like, “Oh my gosh!” I called Timothée [Chalamet, who stars in it] and said, “Dude! You should be proud.” It is a big deal to even be a small part of something with such a massive cast. And I love sci-fi stuff too. It’s fun to escape into another world.

Zendaya plays the role of Chani, a Fremen warrior who shares a special connection with Paul Atreides (the protagonist of Dune, played by Timothée Chalamet). While some of the ensuing media coverage has framed above comments about the scope of her role as surprising, this conforms with the fact that Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune will be two movies. Chani is a key character in the eponymous novel, however she makes her first in-person appearance after ~450 pages. Based on the most likely ending points of the first movie, fans can look forward to seeing more of Zendaya in the second part, including her portrayal of some deeply emotional scenes.

We don’t yet have a release date for the trailer, however the interviewer’s comment is exciting. The Fremen are known as fierce warriors who survive in the most inhospitable regions of Arrakis, a world covered by deserts and scoured by destructive wind storms and giant sandworms. Below photo shared earlier by Zendaya, gives an idea of what we can expect from her appearance in the trailer.

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Chani (Zendaya), wearing a moisture-preserving stillsuit, crouches with hand lying ready on the hilt of her crysknife.

Sources: Instyle via Patrisse Cullors, Zendaya’s Instagram