Dune Teaser Leaked, Full Trailer September 9!

Updates (Aug 27 & Sep 3): Warner Bros. has confirmed the online release of the first Dune (2020) trailer on September 9. It will debut at 9:00am PST and has a reported run time of a little over 3 minutes.

Inside the Film Room has broken the news that a ‘teaser trailer’ for Dune (2020) will be shown exclusively in theaters in front of select screenings of Tenet. More importantly, this leaked teaser revealed the date for the first full-length Dune trailer, which is now confirmed to debut online on Wednesday, September 9. That’s right, we’re talking about two distinct trailers (although they may share some footage).

On August 27 further confirmations followed via Warner Bros., providing an exact launch time: 9:00am PST.

For a complete rundown of the what was shown in the teaser, check out the full write-up by Inside the Film Room.

Sources: Inside the Film Room via Johnny Sobczak, TrailerTrack