Podcast – The Dune Podcast: Trailer Analysis 2

‘The Dune Podcast’ returns from hiatus! In this new episode, a trio of Dune enthusiasts—hosts Albert Chessa and Emilio Rodríguez, joined by myself—connect from across three continents to talk about the upcoming Dune movie and an eclectic range of adjacent topics, including other films and musical influences.

While we’re awaiting the arrival of fresh promotional footage, sometime this summer, there are still so many insights to be gleaned from the Dune movie’s debut trailer dropped last September. In this second part of the podcast’s “Sifting the Spice” sub-series, we break down every shot from aforementioned trailer’s 30 to 60 second mark. The in-depth two-hour discussion covers the symbolism of Paul Atreides’ walk along the shore of Caladan, whether the messages of Dune are relevant to today’s audiences, and more.

Enjoy the episode (watch or listen) here:

The Dune Podcast: Episode 4 – From Sea To Sand

Previous full video episodes can be found on The Dune Podcast YouTube channel. If you prefer audio-only format, these are also available on Spotify and other podcast services.

About The Dune Podcast

The Dune Podcast launched July 2020, with a first episode exploring the Arabic origins of Dune and expectations for the upcoming movie adaptation, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The regular hosts are Albert Chessa (@albertchessa), who produces the show, and Emilio Rodríguez (@emiliorubenrodriguez). They’ve been joined by a diverse set of guests, hailing from all over the globe, who share a common love of Dune. In the lead-up to the movie’s release, new episodes will be recorded at a monthly cadence.

This show is part of Albert Chessa’s wider network of podcasts. The Australian artist, media producer, and storyteller talks about a variety of topics—including science-fiction and fantasy, movies, music, anime, gaming, and more. You can access the consolidated feed at The Albert Chessa Podcast on Anchor.fm and learn more about his work on albertchessa.com.