'Dune' IMAX Reissue events, starting February 7, features an exclusive sneak peek at the 'Dune: Part Two' movie.

‘Dune’ Returns to IMAX With ‘Part Two’ Sneak Peek (Dates Extended)

Following its sold out reissue on January 24 (U.S. and Canada only), the first movie gets new IMAX screenings starting from February 7 (globally).

On Wednesday, January 24 at 7 p.m., Dune: Part One received a special theatrical reissue. For one night, the movie was screened in select IMAX locations across the United States and Canada. Importantly, this event featured an exclusive 10-minute sneak peek at Dune: Part Two!

Now, in early February, likely tied to great demand for this reissue—tickets for the January event sold out within hours in some locations—Warner Bros. has announced that the first movie is also getting a wider domestic re-release starting from February 9 (for around a week). That’s right, even if you didn’t make it in January, you have another opportunity to (re-)watch Dune: Part One on the big screen.

The 'Dune: Part One' movie returns to U.S. theaters for one week, starting February 9, 2024.
Announcement for extended re-release.

Tickets are available now! In the U.S., check the Dune (2021) IMAX Reissue page on Fandango or at your local theater for availability and showtimes.

What’s Included in the Dune: Part Two Sneak Peek?

The Dune: Part Two sneak peek consists of just over 10 minutes of content. To avoid confusion, although the full first 10 minutes of the movie have already been screened at a few events—including CCXP 2023 this past December—that’s not what is being shown at these Dune IMAX reissue screenings.

Prior to January 24 an outline was revealed and, with our team having attended that event, we confirm that the information is accurate. Prior to the screening there’s a reminder for audiences to stay seated after Dune: Part One, with a video shown of stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya introducing the movie.

After the credits roll, a sizzle reel is shown containing cast commentary and exciting footage Dune: Part Two. Next there’s a greeting from director Denis Villeneuve, who introduces the scene where Paul rides a sandworm for the first time. Audiences then experience a special treat of watching the entirety (6.5 minutes) of this visually stunning sequence! The event concludes with a montage, featuring some epic shots from movie’s action sequences.

Our team has shared reactions to the Dune: Part Two sneak peek in a recent episode of Dune Talk, the official podcast of Dune News Net.

International Re-Release Dates

Although the January IMAX event was limited to the U.S. and Canada, the event will expand internationally starting from February 7. These theatrical re-releases of Dune: Part One were previously confirmed in the countries listed below (we’ve noted where IMAX screenings are officially stated).

Note: It’s expected that the exclusive Dune: Part Two sneak peek footage will be included in the international events, however only some announcements have explicitly call this out. If in doubt, check with your local theater chain for further details (and ticket availability).

February 7:

  • Belgium – Pathé
  • France (IMAX) – Pathé
  • Kosovo – Cinestar Cinemas
  • Luxembourg – Kinepolis
  • Switzerland – Pathé

February 8:

  • Argentina – Cines Argentinos
  • Australia (IMAX) – Hoyts, United Cinemas, and Wallis Cinema
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – CineStar Cinemas
  • Chile
  • Croatia – CineStar Cinemas
  • Dominican Republic – Caribbean Cinemas
  • Fiji – Damodar Cinemas
  • Germany (IMAX)
  • Hungary
  • Italy – The Space Cinema
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands (IMAX) – Pathé
  • New Zealand – Takapuna Beachside Cinemas
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine (IMAX)
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

February 9:

  • Austria (IMAX)
  • Ireland
  • Japan (IMAX)
  • Lithuania
  • Malta – Eden Cinemas
  • Norway – ODEON Kino
  • Poland – Cinema City
  • South Africa (IMAX)
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom (IMAX)

We’ll continue to update this list, if more locations are announced. Do you have news regarding officially confirmed Dune: Part One reissue events in your country or region, that are not yet listed above? Leave us a tip in the comments below or post on social mentioning us @DuneNewsNet.

Dune: Part Two will premiere in domestic theaters on March 1, 2024, with preview screenings starting from the prior day. Check out our full list of international release dates.


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