DUNE TALK: Breakdown of ‘Dune: Part Two’ Official Trailer (Spoilers)

On this week’s Dune Talk show we continue to explore the official trailer for Dune: Part Two, with a scene-by-scene breakdown. Garin, Johnny, Marcus, and Simon each bring different insights to this movie footage and discuss its more intriguing revelations—including the black and white color palette on Giedi Prime and Princess Irulan’s expanded role. We’re going in-depth into context of these shots and there are spoilers for events of the original Dune novel.

This podcast (64 minutes) is available here in both video and audio formats (below). Enjoy and spread the word to fellow Dune fans!

Dune Talk: Episode 45 – Dune: Part Two Official Trailer Breakdown

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Show Notes

Key Dune news stories covered on this show:

The official trailer for Dune: Part Two transports us back to Arrakis to witness Paul’s spectacular sandworm ride. The footage teases epic conflicts ahead, including the duel with Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

On this episode:

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Special thanks goes out to Ashton GIeckman for music and Sheldon Lee for voice overs.